Kamilah Lewis

Washington, DC

March 5-6



Noodle Symposium

October 21-22, 2021

The Scott Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ


Start: Thursday, October 21 at 4pm


End: Friday, October 22 at 5pm


At Noodle, we believe that building a robust, diverse and engaged network is the most promising way to advance online education. We hope you’ll join our efforts and participate in our upcoming Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. During this event, we will reconnect in a casual, collaborative environment and examine where online higher education is headed and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead. 

The past 18 months have impacted all aspects of our lives, organizations, staff, students, and teams forcing folks at all levels and roles to reconsider short and long term strategic and operational plans, pivot quickly to support current objectives, and reimagine how our core functions, responsibilities, and “ways to accomplish our goals” are framed and supported. The Symposium is structured to put participants front and center to discuss challenges, share learnings, and foster broader conversations about how your campuses and programs cope with, manage, and potentially benefit from significant and broad disruptions. We hope you’ll come to share your experiences and learn from one another about how learnings from the recent past are ensuring that we all come out better prepared and equipped to succeed and react to other significant disruptive events in the future.