Kamilah Lewis

Washington, DC

March 5-6

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

Chief Data Officer
University of South Carolina

As CDO Mike works with executive and senior leadership to develop and implement a data and information governance framework through policy, standards, and guidelines, and partners with senior administrators, managers, and faculty to develop and implement data and information governance programs addressing data stewardship; data standards; data quality and integrity assurance; identity and access management; and reporting, analytics, and decision support.Mike chairs USC's system-wide Data Stewardship council, balancing the interests and responsibilities of Data Trustees, Data Stewards, and other stakeholders to reduce risks associated with data and to align business processes and reporting capabilities with legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements. He provides leadership and guidance for initiatives across the decentralized, 8-campus system that align data practices with strategic priorities, institutional reporting, and analytics.Mike also serves on the USC President's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.Prior responsibilities include leading IT operations and managing compliance projects and accreditation-related quality enhancement plan.

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