Kamilah Lewis

Washington, DC

March 5-6

Attendee Information

Look Who’s Coming
Curious to see who will be joining us at the Symposium?


Nick Abel

Associate Professor & Graduate Chair
Butler University

Rebecca Alhadeff

Program Manager
University of Washington

Marty Allen

Director of Online Programs
The Tufts University

Megan Allen

Manager, Online Learning Operations
Case Western Reserve University

Hala Annabi

Program Chair
University of Washington

Natalie Baney

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
University of Pittsburgh - SHRS

Kimberly Beck

Pharmacy Program Director
Butler University

Alicia L. Battle

Associate Dean for Online Programs
Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Luke Bickel

Director of Graduate Programs
Butler University

Robert F. Bonner

BT Consulting Group

Kristen Brown

Assoc. Dean of Clinical Affairs

Craig Caldwell

Interim Dean
Butler University

Costas Chassapis

Sr. Vice Provost
Stevens Institute of Technology

John Clarke

Associate Dean
Tulane University

Leland Clark

Executive Director of Student Affairs
University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Laurie Cochenour

Executive Director Office of Online Learning
University of Pittsburgh

Deedee Conway

Associate Dean of Operations
Southern Methodist University

Anind K. Dey

University of Washington

Priya Driscoll

Associate Dean, Director of Online Education
Mills College

Danny Eckstein

Assistant Director for Professional Education
University of Virginia School of Data Science

Ronni Ephraim

Faculty Liaison
University of Michigan

Maggie Foote

Communications Director
University of Washington Information School

Ashley Francis

Director of Online Learning
Tulane Freeman School if Business

Eric Frost

Director, Viz Center; Co-Director, Graduate Program in Homeland Security
San Diego State University

Sheila Gold

Executive Director of Admissions
Tulane School of Professional Advancement

Suzanne Healy

Director, Distance Education
Case Western Reserve University

David Jacobson

Executive Director, Working Professional Programs
SMU Cox School of Business

Gregory Jonas

Sr. Associate Dean
Case Western Reserve University

Chris Littman

Executive Director
Case Western Reserve University

Rae Mancilla

Assistant Director of Online Learning
University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Jillian Melton

Assistant Dean of Admissions, Working Professional MBA Programs
SMU Cox School of Business

Debora Miller

Professor & Vice Dean
University of Pittsburgh, SHRS

Jamie Northrup

SAVP, Strategy
Tulane University

Hannah Nousain

Associate Director of Admissions
SMU Cox School of Business

Yasmin Nunez

Associate Dean, Finance & Administration
Boston College

Tina Oestreich

AVP, Teaching & Learning Technologies
Case Western Reserve University

Adam Poluzzi

Assistant Vice Provost
Boston College

Carmen Portillo

Executive Deputy Dean
Yale School of Nursing

Howard Purcell

President and CEO
New England College of Optometry

Mark Rademacher

Graduate Director
Butler University, College of Communication

Bryan Renahan

Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
SMU Lyle School of Engineering

Dilice Robertson

Faculty/Psychiatric-Mental Health NP
Yale University School of Nursing

Patti Russo

Managing Director, PTMBA Programs
Ross School of Business

James Stewart

Director, Digital Marketing
SMU Cox School of Business

Britta Svoboda

Program Manager
University of Tennessee

Stanton Wortham

Boston College